Our Campaign Design a Greener World

THE NET enables its customers thoughout integral communication concepts in the context of branding, design and grandstrategic decisions to show their ecological competence. Against this backgroiund, a five-level information campaign was launched to inform new and existing clients of the advantages of green communication.

1. Postal card „Resque Us!

2. Postal card „Does your new green marketing camaign belly up, too?“

3. First Contacting Phone call.

4. Info broschure „Design a Greener World“. At the same time referring to our climate neutral hosted website for more detailed information on sustainability.

5. Repeated phone call and E-mail-Newsletter

To keep transport costs and paper consumption low, only companies were approached, which have been selected on the basis of a well-researched data base. All media are made of 100% recycled (post-consumer), FSC-certified paper, discolored chlorine-free and printed climate-neutral by an FSC-ertified printing house in our neighborhood. Climate neutral shipping through GoGreen service of Deutsche Post.


THE NET is a network of creative-agencies focusing on design and communication. Its head office, Studio Norbert Heyl, is a registered corporation at Düsseldorf in Germany. Studios in Venice, Italy and Düsseldorf, Germany.

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